Is there any logging available?

Our image optimisation solution (Cloudimage) logs every single transformation and CDN caching operation.


The logs of all the images seen by the users are processed in a few minutes and aggregated to create the "Stats" view of your admin. We can also provide you the raw logs if you have any specific needs. We might anonymize the IP addresses of the logs for privacy reasons.


The internal Cloudimage logs are also available directly in your admin panel. You can find easily :

  • slow downloads: which images were slow to download to the origin,
  • failed downloads: errors 403, 404... Cloudimage could not download the original image and then failed to deliver the transformation,
  • last resizes: show every single resize,
  • aggregated logs: the logs of all your images and their matching transformations.


Cloudimage users - Log in, then click on 'ACCELERATE' in the main menu and then 'Logs'

Filerobot users - Log in, then click on 'STATS & LOGS' in the main menu and then 'Logs'

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