Can I deliver my media assets in China?


Scaleflex Media Optimization solutions integrate CDN which helps you avoid congestions at The Great Firewall of China slowing down all traffic into China.


How to accelerate in China?


  • Option 1 - Near-China Acceleration

This solution does not require any Chinese Licenses and allow you to benefit from all our Points of Presence (CDN PoP) which are surrounding China.


  • Option 2 - Mainland-China Acceleration

This solution does require that you owns the Chinese Licenses called ICP and PSB BeiAn.

You will then have access to our 400+ CDN PoP located in mainland-China.


  • Option 3 - China Virtual Private Line

This solution does not require any Chinese Licenses and Get your contents accelerated to your Chinese audience via a MPLS line alternative from Japan or Hong-Kong to China


If you want to learn more about the Scaleflex China Acceleration Service, get in touch with our Sales team

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