How to change default image placeholder in Cloudimage?

The default image is a placeholder image which will be returned if the origin image is not found (e.g. erroneous URL, server connectivity issues, etc.).

You may want to replace this default image in your account with an image of your own instead of using the Cloudimage default image (see image below) to your customers if anything unexpected happens.

To display your own image in case of missing origin files, please follow these steps:

Step 1 - In the Cloudimage Admin panel, select Image Settings from the left menu. 

Step 2 - Under Basic -> Origin Image Missing -> Response if origin image missing, from the drop-down list, select "HTTP 404 with default image" or "HTTP 200 with default image" according to your choice. This will return a placeholder image with the respective HTTP response code - 404 Not Found or 200 OK. Example:


Please note that the CDN servers cache the images that come with status code 200 but don't cache the ones, coming with status code 404. 

Step 3 - Click on Select Image. In the dialog box, you can drag and drop or select image from your system or give image link (URL). Then, click on Save:


In case of any issues with the setting up of the custom image placeholder, please contact us and provide as information:

  • Your token;
  • A short description of the issue;
  • The origin_URL of the image that you want to set up as a custom placeholder.





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