What is the differences between CNAME and Alias in Scaleflex (Cloudimage & Filerobot)


CNAME means Canonical name. This record is used to define multiple domain names for a single system.

If several services are running on a single system and every service needs its domain, the CNAME record is used for that.
For example, if a web server and FTP server are running on the same system, there has to be created CNAMEs for both of them.

System name - system1.abc.com 
Web server - www.abc.com 
FTP server - ftp.system1.com

The most common use of the CNAME is to provide access to a single web server using the standard "www.domain.com" and "domain.com" (with and without "www"). In the case of renaming a domain, this setup can be used also to redirect the old name of the webserver to the new one.

To avoid circular references, the CNAME should always point to a real hostname and never to another CNAME.

In Cloudimage, you can add CNAMEs from the Admin panel -> Image Settings -> Domains tab:



The Alias in the Scaleflex system is used to shorten the URLs.
For example, if an alias _sample_ is set to http://sample.li , the URLs will look like:

without Alias - //doc.cloudimg.io/v7/http://sample.li/boat.jpg?width=800 
with Alias - //doc.cloudimg.io/v7/_sample_/boat.jpg?width=800

In Cloudimage, you can add Aliases from the Admin panel -> Image Settings -> Domains tab:


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