Why cannot I save aliases?

The concept of the term ALIAS in general means an alternative name or label that refers to a file, command, address, or another item, and can be used to locate or access it.

There might be several reasons why you cannot save ALIASES:


1- All aliases have to be prefixed by double underscores


Alias Allowed?
__hideurl__ Yes, highly recommended
__hideurl Yes
_hideurl_ Yes
hideurl__ No
hideurl_ No
hideurl No


2- All aliases must be unique. Aliases set in the alias section cannot be used in the storage section or vice versa. 

3- An alias must not be a subkey of another alias. Aliases should not be part of any other URL aliases or Storage aliases.

Example: If one alias "__hideurl_" then you cannot add "__hideurl_storage_" or "__storage__hideurl_" aliases.

You can further read about Aliases from the below links:

If you still cannot save your aliases feel free to contact our support team , with the below details:

  • Your Token
  • Short description of your issue
  • Steps to reproduce


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