How to transform Cloudimage v6 URLs to Cloudimage v7? Syntax rules.

V6 is the old, legacy version of Cloudimage. It has a limited amount of features, and its functionalities are no longer supported or developed. V6 has its own distinctive syntax:

V7 is the most recent version of Cloudimage that is currently supported and developed. It has a ton of fresh new features, filters, and operators. It uses the following syntax: 

As you can see:

  • the same Cloudimage token can be used in image URLs written in V6 and V7 format. What makes the difference is the image URL syntax.
  • in V6 format, the Cloudimage operators and filters are put right after
  • in V7 format, the Cloudimage operators and filters are put at the end of the URL as a query string


The syntax for some operators in V6 differs from that of the corresponding functionality in V7. The most frequently used V6 Cloudimage parameters and the corresponding V7 features are listed below.

If your Cloudimage URLs are still in V6 format, we strongly advise you to upgrade to Cloudimage V7.

Please get in touch with us if you need assistance translating your V6 image URLs to V7 format. You must include the following information in your message:

  • your Cloudimage token;
  • your question;
  • example of imageURL written in V6 format

We will review your request and reply in a timely manner.


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