How to set up Multi-Factor Authentication with Cloudimage?

You can secure your account by changing the session timeout and by activating Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to receive the one-time code at each login attempt. 

Cloudimage provides active MFA via Email or SMS validation. 

To set up any of those you need an active Cloudimage account as to be able to sign in here  and to adjust the options as per your needs. 








For example, about the SMS & Email validation you can check the account settings and select the following options: 

  • Session Timeout - choose between 10 minutes and 10 days;
  • MFA - Disabled / Code by Email and SMS / Code by Email / Code by SMS;
  • MFA Trigger - MFA at every login / MFA only for suspicious activities; 

As a next step fill in the following fields:

  • Email address main - ;
  • Phone (with +CountryCode) for SMS codes - (+1 123 456 789); 

Next press the button bellow to verify your phone number for additional security. 

Always press the ‘Save’ button to make sure that the system will apply all changes you’ve made. 


Please, check the available MFA options and if you need any help, please contact us. 

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