Can I use my own S3 bucket as a complete replacement for Scaleflex' backend storage?

It's possible to use an S3 bucket owned by you as a complete replacement for Scalelfex' backend storage, including caches, derived images and other metadata. This option is available on our enterprise plans, and involves our professional service team and a short setup process on our backend.


This is usually requested by customers who have regulatory requirements to 'own' their image storage and encrypt it with their own keys, such as customers in the finance and healthcare industries, and there are several implications to using your own S3 in this way:

  • Likely a higher cost because you'll be paying directly for the S3 storage and bandwidth in addition to your Scaleflex (Cloudimage & Filerobot) plan.
  • You lose Scalelfex' multi-region backup and disaster-recovery features, and will have to manage secondary backups and failover yourself, which may double your storage requirement (or more).
  • The directory structure used by our service is proprietary and it may change without notice as we add features or change how our backend behavior interacts with S3, which means using the files from that bucket in another system is not trivial and can't be supported
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