Can I use auto-tagging and description when uploading multiple asset via Uploader widget?



When using the Filerobot Uploader widget ( documentation here ), it is possible to enable the auto-tagging in order to suggest a list of tags that will be added to the asset(s). You can of course modify tags (adding, deleting) before the asset is saved into your Filerobot library (container), and even add a description along with any user defined metadata.

When you upload multiple assets at the same time however, the auto-tagging and description behavior will slightly change in order to accommodate the most relevant use-case.


1/ First, how to enable auto-tag at upload in the widget?

Make sure you either have the "Auto-Tagging" enabled in your Filerobot admin (under Settings / Store / Container / General ), or that your standalone widget configuration gets the proper option in the "tagging" attribute of the "config" section (all the details here)


2/ Behavior for single asset, standard case

As soon as the configuration is saved, it is activated and the Uploader widget will display:

  • a Description field, free text that you can fill-in to be added to the asset's metadata
  • a Tags field, filled with pre-processed list of tags that you can adjust at will
  • any other User Defined metadata, depending on your container parameters (eg: Serial Number)

All those fields are shown in the Uploader widget and will be saved as-is with your asset.


3/ Behavior for multiple asset, exception case

If you upload multiple assets together, containing at least two images, then the Uploader widget will only display a Tags field, filled with a pre-processed list of tags that you can adjust at will.

Those tags are all the common tags for all your images, and solely the common ones.

However, the specific tags for each images are anyway detected and associated with each image. That also means that any common tag deleted from the list will be deleted from all the images' tags, and any common tag added to the list will be amended to each image's list of tags.

The Tags field will be saved for each and every image containing both the common and the specific tags.


Please also note that, in the multiple asset upload case, no other field (ie: description, user defined metadata) will be displayed as those are most usually entirely specific to each image or asset.

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