What are the differences between "Backend" and "JavaScript" modes in WordPress plugin?

In the Cloudimage WordPress plugin we have two basic modes - "Backend" and "JavaScript". By default on initial installation - you will have the "Backend" mode installed, as it is suitable for any kind of case. On the other hand, "JavaScript" mode is making additional actions, changing your HTML structure, and making a deeper optimization at the end.

More detailed overview of two modes:

  • “Backend” mode:

It is the mode, which uses the pure Cloudimage API, for example:



It is very similar to the approach of just prefixing every image URL with the Cloudimage token, but we are also appending the query parameters like “width” and “height”.

  • “JavaScript” mode:

The plugin filters all the content and adapts the HTML to work with the Cloudimage JavaScript Responsive library.

It changes the image tags, adding an additional attribute “ci-src” and makes little initialization of the libraries.


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