How to invalidate images with scope 'original'?

According to the definition, Invalidation is the process of clearing the image cache.

In Cloudimage and Filerobot, Invalidation can be performed using:

  • the Invalidation UI tool accessible through the Admin panel or,
  • the Invalidation API.

As of today (26-SEP-2022), the Invalidation API has the following three scopes:

  • URLs  (no longer available after the 31-OCT-2022)
  • Original
  • All

If you are utilising the 'URLs' scope in your invalidation scripts, please be aware that it will be withdrawn from the API by the end of October 2022 and we encourage you to transition them to the 'original' endpoint as soon as possible to minimise any trouble.


Actions required to migrate a request from the 'urls' endpoint to the 'original' endpoint:

Example for a request with scope ‘urls’:

"scope": "urls",
"urls": [“/v7/”,


Example for a request with scope ‘original’:

"scope": "original",
"url": [“/v7/",


The only difference between both scopes is that scope 'URLs' just clears the requested URL transformation, whereas scope 'original' clears all cached image URL transformations and a copy of the original file.

  • Please note that In a single 'original' API request, you can include up to 15 image URLs and you should provide the original URL without any Cloudimage parameters appended to it. .


In case you have some questions regarding the Invalidation process, feel free to contact us and provide the following information:

  • your token;
  • a short description of the use case/issue;
  • example for the Invalidation request that you performed / would like to perform.



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