How can I prevent users from getting the original image by removing the URL query parameters?

If you would like to secure your original image URLs, in order to be non-accessible for the users and to prevent them from removing the URL query parameters, you could use the URL sealing feature. 

Alternatively, you can combine "an alias + a rule" that points to a preset.

Implementation steps:
- Create an Alias that hides the original image URL.

- Define a Preset that contains all the query parameters you want to hide



- Define a Rule to capture some common symbol (or pattern) that occurs in each image URL (for example "/"). The value of the rule should be the above mentioned Preset.




With this approach, the resulting image URLs will have:
- hidden original URL behind an Alias;

- watermark (or any other query parameter) applied thankfully to the Preset

- the Preset will be invisible in the image URL because it is applied through a Rule

For example - please note that the image contains a watermark:

If a user tries to remove the watermark, by appending the query parameter wat=0, the command will not work and the watermark would remain:

If you have any questions or need additional clarification on the proposed solution, feel free to contact our Support team.




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