Does Cloudimage keep my privacy and what data is stored?

In a nutshell yes, we at Scaleflex SAS (“Scaleflex”, “Cloudimage”, "Filerobot") care about customer privacy and trust. As a SaaS company and Cloud service, we have an ethical obligation to protect our customer's data.

Also as an European company, we have a legal obligation to comply with EU data privacy regulations i.e. General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR. We have created a Data Processing Addendum - DPA which outlines in detail the data we collect, process, and secure. Also the tools we offer for you to control it.

Check out the bellow links for detailed information:

Privacy Center | Cookie Policy | Sub-Processors | Data Processing Addendum ("DPA") | Terms And Conditions


If you have any more questions regarding privacy or related matter, you can email us at

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