Why some images are not showing in different/multiple locations?

Scaleflex (Cloudimage, Filerobot) works with CDN providers that offer CDN service globally. The CDN consists from many servers (Points of Presence - PoPs) located worldwide (e.g. Australia, Japan, Singapore, India, Dubai, Israel, South Africa, USA, France, etc.)
If your images are not loading in some locations but they are loading in another locations in the same time, this might be because of the following reasons:

1. Your original image has passed its expiration date and/or is no longer available. It may load successfully in some geographical regions because local CDN PoPs requested the image prior to its expiration and then cached it. Thus, the image will not load in those locations where the image was never accessed before it got expired and/or not available.   

On October 3rd, a user in Mumbai requests an image. The request is sent to the Mumbai-based CDN PoP server. It sends the request to Cloudimage, Cloudimage fetches the image from the origin server, then processes and optimizes it and returns it to Mumbai's PoP. The image is cached on the Mumbai CDN server.

Ten days later, another user in Sydney, Australia, requests the same image. The request is forwarded to a CDN server in Sydney. The image is not in the cache of the Sydney PoP, thus it is requested from Cloudimage. Cloudimage tries to get it from the origin server, but the original image contains a URL signature, that had expired, and Cloudimage couldn't download the asset. So it returns the default placeholder and status 404 - File Not Found

Note: Cloudimage is an image optimisation/delivery service and not a storage service, If you need a Storage solution we recommend Filerobot DAM that integrates all Cloudimage features + Storage for Digital Media Assets

2. Check to see if your firewall is turned on.
If yes, then the solution could be to use whitelisting by headers (to whitelist / accept requests from user agents containing "cloudimg" or "cloudimage").


For further troubleshooting feel free to contact the support team, we would be happy to help you. In your message please mention:

  • Your Cloudimage token;
  • An image URL where the issue is visible 



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