How to set up Cloudimage using Microsoft Azure Blob as a storage?

You can configure the Storage alias for your Azure blob storage in the Cloudimage Admin panel.

In the menu Settings -> Storage, you need to click on Connect External Storage:


Then choose Azure Blob:


In the popup screen you need to fill in the corresponding values - blob name , container and Cloudimage Alias.


If your Azure blob storage container is located on address // then:

      • blob name = my_blob
      • container = my_container
      • Cloudimage alias - you may choose whatever name you want, but do not forget to prefix and suffix it with double underscores = __somealias__

In case that your blob requires authentication, you have to enter you SAS token (found in your Azure panel) in the respective field. Please keep in mind that the SAS token has an expiration date and you have to generate a new one and update it before it expires. Otherwise, our servers will not be able to fetch your media from the storage.


The container path can contain a sub-folder chain. That can make the URL even shorter when you would like to share only files within a specific folder in your container. 
For example - you can create dedicated storage aliases for different environments:
- production
- staging
- testing

You may create additional Storage aliases using the "+" button.

After completion of this step, press Save. The configuration takes 1-2 minutes to be deployed to our servers.

Now, if the original image is located on,
you can use the following Cloudimage URL: 


In case that the Cloudimage Domain Whitelisting is enabled, please do not forget that the new Storage alias needs to be whitelisted too:


Please note that all aliases have to be unique for your account - aliases set in the Storage sections cannot be used in the alias section.

If you have any questions or issues with the Microsoft Azure Blob alias, please contact us via the Cloudimage admin or, if you still don’t have an account with us, please use this contact form.

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