Why AVIF file format is not getting delivered in Mozilla Firefox?

In general, Mozilla Firefox supports the AVIF file format. However, due to some additional settings configured, image gets delivered in JPEG/WEBP format.

If an image is delivered in JPEG/WEBP but is expected to be delivered in AVIF, please check the additional browser settings as described:

1. Search about: config in Mozilla Firefox and click  < ENTER >.

2. Search for the parameter image.avif.enabled if it is set to 'true' or 'false'.

If this parameter is set to 'false' , the image will never be delivered in 'AVIF' file format and will always show as 'JPEG/WEBP'

If you have any questions or issues, please feel free to contact our Software Engineer and mention the following details:

  • Token
  • Short description of the issue (including URLs, screenshot, short video if available)
  • Steps to reproduce the issue.
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