How do I flush images cached in Cloudimage (or Filerobot) and the CDN?

There are multiple ways to flush/replace an image.

  • Use the invalidation Cloudimage API documented here
  • Use the invalidation Filerobot API documented here

Please consider that Cache invalidation is process:

1 Using Origin invalidation trigger
  • origin invalidation
  • invalidate ALL versions of the file available on the CDN
2 Invalidation process require
  • Time for your request to be processed
  • Invalidation of the selected URLs/Origins
  • Populating the changes to all servers involved in the Cloudimage infrastructure
  • Clearing the cached versions from the entire CDN (all CDN servers)
  • Expected time few minutes (may depend on the volume of URLs that need to be invalidated)


Please keep in mind that:

1 Invalidated files are removed from the CDN
2 They will get populated to the CDN with the first time they get requested again (not before that)
3 First request of a file trigger
  • Downloading the origin file to our infrastructure
  • Performing the requested transformations
  • Delivering the file version to the CDN server that did the request
  • Propagating the version to all other CDN servers
4 If a file get requested at the same time from multiple CDN servers this will cause each server to consider this as first time requesting the file (till the file get propagated to the CDN servers)
5 CDN population get version by version - if you invalidate the Origin - all versions are removed and each version request is treated as first time calling for this image (just skipping the download from your storage if we have cached the origin version of the file)




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