Can I process non-image static content (PDFs, JS, CSS) with Cloudimage?

Yes, Cloudimage offers you the option to deliver other files - static content like PDF, JS or CSS files, via our Content Delivery Network.

By default, all URLs processed with Cloudimage are delivered as images.

If you like to deliver all of your static files with their original format, you need to enable that from your Admin panel -> Image Settings / Compression / Enable static Content acceleration and then to invalidate the old versions which are currently cached on the CDN. 



If you like to deliver only specific static file in its original file format, you could use the function func=proxy

You could check our documentation on how to implement this function (and several other functions connected with the specific PDF, JS and CSS processing) here.

Please note that if Domain Whitelisting is enabled in your token's settings, it is not applied by default to Static Content Delivery and image URLs containing func=proxy.  If you like to enable Domain whitelisting for them, please go to this page in the Cloudimage Admin panel - "Image Settings -> tab Domains" and activate the following feature:


If you have any questions or issues, please feel free to contact our Software Engineer and mention the following details:

  • Token
  • Short description of the issue (including URLs, screenshots, and a short video if available)
  • Steps to reproduce the issue.


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