Can I deliver 360 views using Cloudimage?


One of the common practices to deliver a 360 degrees view of a product across the web is to use a video in .mp4 format and to implement the drag and drop functionality, in order to simulate the 360 view rotation.


Unfortunately, such approach has its disadvantages:

The video files will be considered as static delivery content and Cloudimage will only accelerate it. Their path is through a proxy server. The size of the delivered files will be in their original file size which will increase the time for loading. There is a risk of potential issues with the CDN video delivery (for example, occurrence of error status code 206 "Partial Content" ).


Cloudimage will help you overcome those challenges by implementing our JS-CLOUDIMAGE-360-VIEW plugin.


Based on a generated set of images from your video, Cloudimage will optimize and process those images; and allow you to even cover horizontal and vertical views for the 360 view feature.

In summary, the benefits from using our JS-CLOUDIMAGE-360-VIEW plugin include provisioning stability and transfer of smaller file sizes which by itself in some terms overcomes the mentioned above disadvantages.


For your reference you could explore the solution in details using the resources below:

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