Why do I see the default Cloudimage placeholder in my Prestashop website?

If you encounter any problem while setting up Cloudimage in Prestashop, please ensure that you have followed our official Prestashop setup guide step by step prior to doing anything else.

One step that many users skip is Step 2 - “You need to contact us and let us know that you would like to use your Cloudimage token with Prestashop. We will lock your account to the v7 API of Cloudimage”. This will remove the need to specify the Cloudimage API version in the URL (/v7/).

If your account and/or token is created before 20 October 2021 and the account locking is not requested, all image URLs will return the default Cloudimage placeholder instead of the requested image:

In that case, please contact us with a request to lock your account to the v7 API of Cloudimage. You will need to provide your Cloudimage token in the message.

We will bind your token to the v7 API and will return confirmation in a timely manner.

Please note that the account's locking to the V7 Cloudimage API is automatically applied to all tokens created after October 20, 2021 so they can skip this step.

If you have already completed step 2 or it is not relevant for your new token, and you still can't see the image URLs working properly, then please verify that the image paths are constructed correctly. They would be available via URLs like:
Your image URLs must not contain the /v7/ keyword.

If you can verify that you are trying to open an image URL with the correct structure and you have already bound your token to the v7 API but the issue still persists, please open a ticket with our Support team and we will investigate further.

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