Cloudimage, WordPress(CMS) & CNAME issue

In a scenario where you come up with a non-working CNAME while you are using a WordPress CMS we advise you to go ahead and check if you already have set up an Origin Prefix value.


What does this mean?

  • To check if you already have one, please, check the URL here: Origin Prefix value. 

In case you already have an Origin Prefix value set up, so you should go ahead and set it also in the WordPress plugin configuration so that ‘Replaceable text’ should be the origin_prefix value and ‘Replacement text’ should be left empty. If this step is skipped then the CNAME will remain non-working.

 You could check out the screenshot below: 




In a scenario where you would like to use the Domain Whitelisting feature, you should whitelist the domain from your origin prefix. In short, it means, restricting the list of origin URLs that your token can transform images from.

In addition, Cloudimage providing tools that help you to protect your image origin repositories from users and improve SEO by making your URLs shorter and more semantic.

You could either use the Origin prefix(which we mentioned already above) or Aliases(which are mentioned in the next sentence) in your URLs but not both.

Should you have multiple source domains, then please use aliases instead.

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