How to whitelist the Cloudimage servers?

In case that you have some Whitelisting Policy or Firewall implemented on your Storage servers and you need to whitelist Cloudimage in order to allow them to access your image data, we recommend the following:

  •  Implement “Whitelisting by Headers”:
    • the easiest way is to whitelist/accept requests from user agents containing “cloudimg” or “cloudimage” ;
    • or to whitelist/accept requests with headers containing any of your Aliases (those that you add in your Cloudimage Admin). Please note -> this will require updating the access every time when a new alias is added.
    • In your Cloudimage Admin panel -> Image Settings -> tab Domains, you can configure a Global Header to be delivered with every Cloudimage request and to authenticate the Cloudimage server.
  • Implement proxy server functionality:
    1. set your own proxy server
    2. configure Cloudimage to use that proxy
    3. whitelist your own proxy IP

If these options are not applicable due to technical reasons, please contact us and provide us with the relevant details for your specific use case.


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