Is there a Cloudimage solution for the React JS applications?

The Cloudimage product is available for the React JavaScript applications and it is called React Cloudimage Responsive.

The Cloudimage React plugin is an open-source solution for an easy form of validation with the React JavaScript applications.

The React Cloudimage Responsive plugin will ease your implementation and it is designed to detect the width of any image container as well as the device pixel ratio density to load the optimal image size needed. Images are resized on-the-fly via the Cloudimage service, thus offering a comprehensive automated image optimization service.

We have 3 different versions:

React Cloudimage Responsive Demo | Github | Sandbox | Marketplace
React Cloudimage Responsive(Blurhash) Demo | Github | Sandbox | Marketplace
React Cloudimage Responsive(Plain) Demo | Github | Sandbox | Marketplace


For detailed information on this topic and more, please, take a look at the Cloudimage's website and also at GitHub by visiting the links bellow:

Cloudimage website | GitHub 

NOTE: Your original (master) images have to be stored on a server or storage bucket (S3, Google Cloud, Azure Blob...) reachable over HTTP or HTTPS by Cloudimage. If you want to store your master images with us, you can check our all-in-one Digital Asset Management solution Filerobot.

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