How to lower my Image Cache?

Cloudimage caches all your origin images and their transformations (resizes, crops, watermarks, etc.) on its resizing infrastructure for faster delivery to the CDN nodes (POPs) - more details on the Cloudimage infrastructure here. This is your token's Image Cache. Cloudimage's cache-cleaning algorithm automatically flushes inactive images from your token's Image Cache in order to keep its size as small as possible and avoid overuse costs.

There are 2 measure you can take to keep your Image cache low:
1. Invalidation: It refers to the removal of cache from Cloudimage resizing servers and CDN. It helps to instantly bring your Image cache down. You can refer to the documentation here to know how to perform this action. Performing invalidation will lead to higher first load time. Also please note, after performing invalidation the dashboards take about 4-5 days to get updated.

2. High s-max-age : s-max-age refers to the time the image will be present in the CDN cache. Setting a high s-max-age will keep the image in the CDN for a longer period of time and so the image requests will not go the Cloudimage resizing server, therefore the cache-cleaning algorithm will clear those images sooner. You can read about how to set up s-max-age from here.

If you have any questions or issues, please feel free to contact our Software Engineer and mention the following details:

    • Token
    • Short description of the issue (including URLs, screenshot, short video if available)
    • Steps to reproduce the issue.
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