Why do I see the Cloudimage default placeholder instead of my images?

The default image is a placeholder image which will be returned if the original image is not found - the reasons for this could be erroneous URL, server connectivity issues, etc. :


Reasons and ways how to solve the issue:

  • Check the origin image URL (actual image location) on your side and make sure that it is relevant to the real image file location. Keep in mind that our product does not change or control your origin image URLs.

    A Cloudimage URL has an alias:

    In the Cloudimage Admin panel this alias is set up as:
    "_some-alias_" ==> "www.my-origin-domain.com" 
    but the original image that should be processed by Cloudimage is stored on:

    As a result, due to the alias, Cloudimage searches for the original image in the wrong place:
    and can not find the requested resource there.
    That's why status code 404 File Not Found is returned and we can see that the Cloudimage default placeholder appears on the place of the requested image.

    So always check the original value of your aliases, in case that they are part of the image URL.
  • Sometimes your server doesn't provide access and status 403 Forbidden appears(it is visible in the Network tab in the browser's Dev Tools). If you see that status, you should whitelist our servers.
  • Error status code 406 can be triggered if you have listed some domains in the Admin panel -> Image Settings ->Domains ->Whitelisting domains and then you tried to process an image, that is coming from non-listed domain. In case your image URL contains an alias, please whitelist the alias too.


  • Another reason for status code 406 can be, if in the list of "Whitelisted domains", you started the values with "www." WWW is not a domain or sub-domain but a network directive and it should not prefix the whitelisted values. See below Example:


Once done, doing the necessary changes please remember to perform Invalidation of those images from the Cloudimage admin panel.


If the issue still persists, feel free to contact the support team, we would be happy to help you. In your message please mention:

  • Your Cloudimage token;
  • An image URL where the issue is visible (the default Cloudimage placeholder is presented)


Additionally, you can read this article: 'How to change the default placeholder image

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